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Schools, Churches, and Volunteer Organizations

Keep your schools and organizations safe.

You have a mandate to protect the vulnerable

For non-profits, churches, and schools, the value of a strong background check is obvious: protecting children and other at-risk populations from harm. While businesses can point to the threat of litigation or reputational damage as rationale for background screens, mission-based organizations must treat person-based risk differently. Weeks, months, and years can go by without a bad incident, but all it takes is one.

For organizations like these, high-quality background screens are crucial:

  • Schools – teachers, support staff, and parent volunteers
  • Youth Development – summer camps, little leagues, and after-school programs
  • Social services – crisis support, housing and shelter, and in-home aid
  • Religious institutions – clergy, teachers, and lay volunteers

Without an effective way to screen for bad actors, you are leaving your organization and the people you serve at risk. We understand the challenges you face in sourcing high-quality, value-adding screening services. Appriss Insights is committed to “knowledge for good,” and that’s why we partner with hundreds of background screening companies to improve their background checks and help organizations like yours protect your organization and community.

Peace of mind is possible.

Schoolkids walking together
Youth sports team hoisting trophy

Partnering with background screeners to keep vulnerable populations safe.

According to one survey of volunteer organizations nationwide, 78% serve vulnerable populations, but only 25% of these organizations re-screen their volunteers each year.

Volunteers are critical to the effective operations of a school, non-profit, or religious institution. These individuals are critical support for your team, but they also bring with them uncertainty and potential risk. Even if a volunteer has passed an initial background check, knowing immediately when they have been involved in new criminal activity is critical.

Good screening practices—during the application process and once someone has been approved—can reduce risk and keep organizations like yours running smoothly and safely. Appriss Insights’ solutions can help keep your important volunteer system efficient and ensure that you maintain a safe, welcoming environment.

Helping those that help others.

Appriss Insights’ suite of solutions are dedicated to solving some of society’s most pressing challenges. Our solutions for schools, volunteers, and religious institutions are built to help background screeners keep bad actors away from at-risk population, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Solutions for School and Volunteer Safety

Through partnerships with the top CRAs in background screening, we give organizations access to a wide range of safety-first solutions:

  • National criminal file
  • Historical incarceration data
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • County court research
  • Post-hire continuous monitoring

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