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Victim Service Providers

Equipping Victim Service Providers with information to further the healing process.

Serving the victims you represent can feel overwhelming.

When faced with the sheer number of crimes committed against victims daily, victim service providers might feel like they’re always playing catch-up. As a company that has provided timely information to victims for more than 25 years, we have seen first-hand what victims go through, along with the challenges victim service providers face in helping them.

Victim Notification Service Providers

Expanding access to victim services through the VINE Service Provider Directory

There are many resources available for victims, yet statistics show that fewer than 1 in 10 victims of serious violent crime receive assistance from a victim service agency. Additionally, there is currently no central website or mobile application that lists services for all types of crime. The VINE Service Provider Directory aims to bridge this gap by providing access to unified resources from a central place and making it easier for a victim to locate assistance. Victims can search for state- and national-level organizations by name or the services they offer, add preferred service providers to a list of contacts, or utilize an intuitive, guided search to assist in locating local services critical to their recovery.

The directory positively impacts both current and new VINE registrants, as well as adding an additional layer of help for many others who may not know their offender or may not need to register for notifications. By connecting victims to service providers of all types, we hope to ease the isolation that many victims feel.  When they come to the new version of VINE, they will be assured that there are service providers available to help.

Service Provider Resources

Use VINE’s Service Provider Directory to connect with state-approved local and national service providers.


Learn more about the Service Provider Directory, including which states are accepting submissions, how to join, and more.


View a full listing of the information required for submission to the directory by downloading this example of the survey.

VINE Product Sheet

Learn more about VINE features available to victims.

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Use digital ads to quickly link victims to VINE and the Service Provider Directory from your website.

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VINE: A Link to Safety

VINE is the nation’s leading automated victim notification service, empowering victims and concerned citizens through access to real-time offender custody status alerts. VINE is easy-to-use, completely confidential, and features multiple language support. It is provided at no cost to registrants. VINE simplifies the offender tracking process for victims and the service providers that care for and support them.

VINE gives victims the option to call a toll-free telephone number, visit, or use the VINELink™ mobile app to anonymously check on an inmate’s custody status. Victims can also register to receive automated notifications about changes in status via their choice of format: phone, email, text, or TTY (hearing impaired) service


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Victims are not alone.

Victims of crime need immediate and long-term safety and support in a variety of areas, including emotional, physical, financial, psychological, and legal services. In addition to the victim, a crime impacts their extended network of family and friends, including parents/guardians, relatives, advocates, and support providers.

VINE provides custody status information to over 25 million people each year. Chief Justice (ret.) Richard Barajas and former Executive Director of NOVA (National Organization for Victim Assistance) tells a powerful story of his brother’s devastating murder, and how VINE gave his family a much-needed sense of peace and security.

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