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Unemployment Insurance

Strengthen Program Integrity and Eliminate Improper Payments

Unemployment Insurance Fraud: $3.6B Problem

Established via the Social Security Act of 1935, the Federal-State Unemployment Insurance (UI) Program is an important public benefit available to Americans who become unemployed through no fault of their own. Unemployment insurance gives its beneficiaries continued financial stability and has helped keep individuals and families afloat during gaps in employment as they actively search for their next opportunity.

As of April 2017, there were 2 million Americans claiming unemployment benefits. With such a large population of claimants, there is room for fraudulent activity. Unemployment eligibility fraud is a $3.6 billion problem in the U.S.


$3.6 billion in total unemployment insurance claims in 2016-2017


$205 million paid to incarcerated claimants in 2016-2017


6% of fraud relates to improper payments made to ineligible, incarcerated individuals

Addressing UI Fraud among the Incarcerated

Of the $3.6 billion, $205M in UI claims was paid to incarcerated claimants in FY2016/2017. Incarcerated individuals are ineligible to receive unemployment benefits, as they are unable to actively search for employment—one of the primary criteria necessary for eligibility. While only about 6% of fraud relates to improper payments made to incarcerated individuals, the amount is sizable enough to incent state workforce agencies to work towards eliminating overpayments to these ineligible recipients.

While most workforce agencies have measures in place to research filed claims, most do not have the time, data, or resources to scrutinize each claim to the maximum extent needed to determine fraudulent activity. This often results in payments to ineligible claimants, in some cases to incarcerated claimants.

Benefits of Incarceration Intelligence for Workforce Agencies

Appriss’ Incarceration Intelligence solution gives agencies access to accurate, timely data that allows agencies to locate and monitor beneficiaries, with the end goal of eliminating improper payments and increasing savings.

We offer workforce agencies access to real-time, nation-wide incarceration data and a team of experts to implement and support it. With our breadth of data and technical expertise, workforce agencies can address many of the challenges that coincide with incarcerated beneficiaries through real-time alerts.

Today, 15 workforce agencies partner with Appriss to combat UI fraud. Some of the benefits our customers have realized include:

Agency Savings

Increased agency savings through prevention of improper payments made to ineligible, incarcerated recipients

Recovery of dollars

Identification and recovery of dollars lost through previous improper payments (via historical cross-match)

Conduct searches

Collectively, our workforce agency customers conduct over 48 million searches and save over $30 million in improper payments each year.

The Appriss Incarceration Intelligence Solution

Appriss Insights is a leading data integration company that operates the nation’s most comprehensive and current incarceration data network, with direct jail management system interfaces to over 2,000 jails and DOC facilities. Collaborating with workforce agencies across the country, we have identified a critical need for access to real-time incarceration data to successfully locate and monitor beneficiaries that are in the various stages of incarceration.

Appriss’ Incarceration Intelligence solution gives state workforce agencies access to accurate, timely data that allows agencies to identify and cease fraudulent unemployment insurance payments.

Agencies are able to place “watches” on their UI claimant lists, and receive alerts when a monitored claimant is:

  • Booked into custody
  • Released from custody
  • Incarcerated for a certain “length of stay”

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