Locate and monitor persons of interest with greater speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

criminal justice investigations

Time consuming, manual processes require better investigations

Appriss Insights understands the hurdles you face to carry out your investigative responsibilities. Manual processes and outdated technologies holding you back. Data roadblocks; insufficient access to the criminal justice information you need to move forward.

Stale or inaccurate data. Searches to locate persons of interest and determine key relationships are time-consuming and fruitless without the right technology. You’re frustrated, and you’re worried that your clients might be getting frustrated, too.

What our solutions can mean for you

We understand the challenges and demands of investigators. Through our robust datasets and powerful analytic tools, Appriss Insights supports investigators — allowing them to locate key individuals and solve cases with speed and efficiency.

Our Justice Intelligence solution aggregates data from over 85% of the nation’s jails and DOC facilities, providing the most comprehensive network of incarceration data, allowing investigators to access over 160 million current and historical booking records from over 2,000 jails and DOCs.

Criminal Justice Investigations

Take your investigations further

Justice Intelligence’s real-time data helps investigators prevent, detect and research crimes and fraud

Risk Information

See key information that indicates level of risk associated with a person or business. Efficiently evaluate a subject to determine if additional investigation is needed.

Real-Time Data

Access comprehensive public and proprietary records, updated from the source.

Incarceration Data

Search over 160M historical booking records from over 2,000 incarceration facilities.

Continuous Monitoring

Place automated “watches” on persons or populations of interest, based on specified personal identification criteria.

Automated Alerts

Receive automatic alerts when a person of interest is booked into or released from jail.

Associated Connections

View a list of relatives and associates connected to the subject and any known risk associated with them.

Justice Intelligence is available through Appriss Insights’ channel partner network. Contact us to learn more.


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