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Locate and monitor persons of interest with greater speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Time consuming processes and insufficient data make investigations difficult.

Investigators don’t just need more data; they need the right data. We understand the data challenges investigators face: disparate, messy sources. Incomplete or stale records. Manual processes. Unactionable notifications.

Professionals looking to root out financial crimes, identify insurance fraud, and do hard-hitting legal research can all benefit from comprehensive criminal justice data. But Investigators who understand the value of criminal justice data are faced with a different set of

  • No federal, centralized source of data.
  • Outdated records and inability to alert on new criminal activity
  • Few personal identifiers

Searches to locate persons of interest and determine key relationships are time-consuming and fruitless without the right technology and the data.

Take your investigations further

Investigators solving some of today’s most pressing challenges need timely, actionable criminal justice data

Anti-Money Laundering

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Insurance Fraud

Legal Research

Corporate Security

Private Investigators

An important external data source for investigating fraud and risk.

Effective investigations require a broad range of data points. Investigators who limit their research to in-house data are likely to miss relevant connections and suspicious activity. Investigative teams across industries have placed an increased focus on external data points to locate key individuals, analyze networks, and solve cases with speed and efficiency.

Criminal justice data is a key external data source that aids in the identification of bad actors. Criminal activity can be a strong indicator of potential risk and threats:

  • Historical interactions with the criminal justice system help uncover patterns of behavior and can determine if a person was incarcerated during a key time period.
  • Future criminal activity changes a person’s risk profile and can prompt proactive action.

With access to actionable, timely data, investigators can better protect companies and the public from fraud and financial crime.

Criminal Justice Investigations

Take your investigations further.

Appriss Insights’ solution suite helps investigators detect, research, and prevent fraud

Solutions for Commercial Investigations

Appriss Insights’ data solutions include access to our near real-time incarceration data network and our comprehensive database of court records, probation and parole information, and sex offender registries.


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