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Information Service Providers

Helping your customers monitor criminal activity of employees to safeguard their enterprises from insider threats

We understand the level of responsibility your customers shoulder

The pressure is on for your customers to screen every job applicant carefully—but fill positions as quickly as possible. Once hired, they have no way of monitoring an employee’s criminal activity. An insider risk program isn’t in place yet, so their organizations are vulnerable to criminal activity. Sensitive data could be stolen. Fraud or embezzlement could impact their enterprise’s financial health and damage the company’s reputation. Employees could be victims of workplace violence.

Your customers may not be aware that the majority of inside criminal activity may go undetected. If an employee is incarcerated, they have no means of being notified. They’re carrying the weight of insider risk every day with no way to mitigate it.

With your help, your customers could picture a day like this

With access to the broadest incarceration database in the U.S., your customers can now do national background checks with ease for every potential new hire. Criminal convictions can be identified that may go undetected by traditional, less extensive, searches.

Post hire, they can continue to monitor all employees, knowing that ongoing monitoring is imperative to safeguarding their organization against insider risk. A recent study of 400,000 employees found that nearly 12% of the workforce was likely to be incarcerated at some point within the next five years. They now have the peace of mind knowing they will be automatically notified in real time when an employee is booked into custody. They know they’ll be ready to take appropriate action for their organization.

Your customers now have a proven, effective insider risk program in place that includes access you’ve provided to the nation’s most robust incarceration data network.

An essential solution for helping customers mitigate insider risk

With our data and analytics, Appriss Safety has earned a national reputation for the breadth and reliability of solutions that can help your customers proactively mitigate insider risk.

By providing your customers with Risk Intelligence data and analytics, they’ll have access to:

  • More than 80% of all arrest bookings and incarcerations in the U.S.
  • Access to incarceration data from over 2,000 jail facilities
  • Proprietary risk algorithms that marry job classifications with the arrest histories of individuals, to aid predicting specific risks for a given enterprise
  • Approximately 1 million new records received each month added to a database of 140+ million historical records
  • Deep data matching with Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that includes name, DOB, SSN, DLN and mailing address
  • Automatic notifications of arrest bookings and incarcerations typically within 60 minutes

No other solution can keep your customers better informed of criminal activity than Appriss Safety’s Risk Intelligence.

What Appriss Safety can mean for your customers

As information service providers, you are critical in helping your customers mitigate the impact of insider risk—from potential violence in the workplace to fraud and embezzlement that can jeopardize an enterprise.

We understand the seriousness of those risks and can help you provide your customers with peace of mind that comes from a proven, reliable data and analytic solution for insider risk mitigation.

We’re ready to partner with you to provide your customers with the power of the most extensive  incarceration database in the nation for data that’s reliable, timely, and actionable.

case studies

Real-life examples of insider threats


A rideshare company hired drivers with criminal convictions. According to the District Attorney of San Francisco, the company hired 25 drivers in Los Angeles and San Francisco with criminal records for arrests ranging from property crimes to sex offenses to murder. The background screening service employed by the company only looked back seven years and did not monitor drivers for future offenses.


In July 2016, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office arrested a repairman working for an air conditioner company after he had assaulted a woman and restrained her young children in her home during a service call to repair an air conditioner. In 2009, he had been arrested and charged with burglary of an unoccupied dwelling, third degree grand larceny and possession of a controlled substance.


In 2009, a healthcare worker in Arizona was arrested for stealing credit card and checks from more than 20 patients. It transpired that she had a lengthy criminal history that included 8 prior misdemeanor convictions and 2 felony convictions.

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