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We help federal agencies make better informed decisions.

Appriss Insights delivers data-driven solutions that help federal agencies make better informed decisions for early response to people-driven risk.

Building on more than 25 years of experience providing victim notification services, we have developed the nation’s most comprehensive and up-to-date arrest data network and a suite of solutions designed to save lives, fight crime, prevent fraud, and manage risk.

Dozens of federal, state, and local agencies rely on Appriss Insights’ data solutions to solve the challenge of sourcing timely, actionable criminal justice data. Our solutions promote public safety, reduce recidivism, curb improper payments, improve agency efficiency, and lead to more judicious use of taxpayer dollars .

Sourcing criminal justice data is challenging.

Federal agencies can benefit from comprehensive criminal justice data. But there are inherent challenges in collecting criminal justice data:

  • Federally-managed incarceration data sources have limitations. Other incarceration data sources are limited in scope and timeliness.
  • Many records have few personal identifiers. A weekend arrest for assault is an obvious red-flag, but high-confidence person matching is challenging when the record only contains a name and year of birth.
  • Each jurisdiction treats crime differently. States, counties, and even cities interpret the classification and severity of crime individually. Normalized sources of criminal justice data are rare.

Appriss Insights has decades of experience collecting criminal justice data straight-from-the-source. Our incarceration data network is timely, PII-rich, and actionable.

Helping federal agencies solve pressing problems.

Incarceration data and criminal records help federal agencies do more with less, improving government efficiency and making judicious use of taxpayer dollars.

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Appriss is proud to partner with federal agencies in our commitment to Knowledge for Good®. If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to us today.

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