Entitlement Program Managers

Reducing benefit fraud and preserving program integrity

We understand your challenges and priorities

You’re being pulled in many directions, responsible for managing benefits for a large population of recipients. You know that ineligible recipients could be costing your agency millions of dollars but you don’t have the analytical tools that can help you pinpoint benefit abusers. You don’t know the extent of overpayment because you lack a means to track it.

Your agency lacks the people, time and data access to determine which individuals are fraudulently receiving benefits. With data access limited to your state’s Department of Corrections database, you can’t search other states’ incarceration databases to locate individuals who may be fraudulently receiving benefits.

There’s no money in your budget to hire additional staff to weed out ineligible recipients. Your agency’s integrity is being compromised and overpayment to ineligible recipients is a serious problem.

This could be a more productive day for you

With real-time access to 80% of the nation’s incarceration data, you and your staff can more efficiently locate ineligible recipients across the U.S. Thanks to your data solution, you’re successfully weeding out benefit abusers without additional staff for conducting searches. You know your data source is timely and reliable.

You can now automatically monitor specific populations you select, ranging from hard-to-locate non-custodial parents to unemployment insurance claimants and Medicaid beneficiaries. With staff time freed up from manually searching multiples data sources, they can refocus their energies on helping eligible recipients

Your agency is working more productively, significantly reducing overpayments, and enhancing the integrity of your program.

Ready to help reduce fraud and save government overpayment

Appriss Insights was founded with the mission to provide knowledge for good. In keeping with our mission, we’re empowering government entitlement program managers with the ability to query thousands of criminal justice databases simultaneously. 

Appriss’ Incarceration Intelligence solution provides you with access to booking and release information from over 2,000 criminal justice databases, nationwide. You’re able to learn from real-time data if an individual who has been incarcerated is requesting benefits or currently receiving them. 

Government agencies using Incarceration Intelligence have uncovered millions of dollars in fraudulent overpayments—and prevented millions more from being paid out to ineligible recipients. 

CASE STudies

Learn how we’ve helped entitlement programs


In 2012, Appriss Insights worked with the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES). Appriss Insights and IDES were able to cross match unemployment benefit recipients against the incarceration records that Appriss manages in its database.



Working with Appriss Insights, the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) conducted a project comparing 2012 unemployment insurance recipients against incarceration data provided by Appriss.



The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services ran a six-week pilot project, using an Appriss Insights solution. The pilot detected $370,507 in overpayments, a significant savings for the state.


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