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Data Aggregators

Build smarter products with timely and accurate incarceration data.

Effective data products need high-quality, unique sources.

Effective data products need high-quality, unique sources.

Innovative data solutions have proven to be invaluable in mitigating people-based risk. Efforts by large data aggregators to ingest and operationalize large volumes of data allow for cutting-edge solutions that reduce fraud, promote safety, and help businesses and government run more efficiently.

But companies solving problems with “big data” understand the importance of vetting and selecting quality and actionable sources of information. As the mantra goes: garbage in, garbage out.

Criminal justice data is a unique data source for solutions built to manage person-based risk. Criminal activity can be a strong indicator of potential risk and threats:

  • Historical interactions with the criminal justice system help uncover patterns of behavior and can contribute to a person’s overall risk profile.
  • Future criminal activity changes a person’s risk profile and can prompt proactive action.

With access to actionable, timely criminal justice data, data aggregators can power innovative solutions that solve pressing societal challenges.

Quality criminal justice data helps augment important “big data” projects.

Incarceration data and criminal records help advance important analyses and answer tough questions.

Person-based risk

Identifying bad actors to keep businesses, employees, and customers secure

Government efficiency and automation

Helping entitlement programs better manage services for people who move in and out of jail

Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Ensuring taxpayers are getting a return on dollars spent on efforts to improve public safety and reduce recidivism

Geographic patterns

Understanding patterns of criminal behavior across jurisdictional lines

Network Analysis

Discovering criminal enterprises engaging in crimes like money laundering or drug trafficking

Public Safety

Supporting programs that reduce crime and prevent victimization

Sourcing criminal justice data is challenging.

Data aggregators serving a wide variety of verticals can benefit from comprehensive criminal justice data. But there are inherent challenges in collecting criminal justice data:

  • No centralized source of criminal data exists. Even federal government-managed databases are limited in coverage and timeliness.
  • Most commercial data sources have outdated records. Modern executives need to take quick, decisive action on up-to-date information. Many sources of criminal justice data add records in batches every few months.
  • Most public records have few personal identifiers. A weekend arrest for assault is an obvious red-flag, but high-confidence person matching is challenging when the record only contains a name and year of birth.
  • Each jurisdiction treats crime differently. States, counties, and even cities interpret the classification and severity of crime individually. Normalized sources of criminal justice data are rare.

Appriss Insights has decades of experience collecting criminal justice data straight-from-the-source. Data aggregators who are focused on timeliness, breadth, and quality choose us.

Criminal Justice Investigations


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