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Corporate Security

Safeguarding your enterprise from insider threats by monitoring the criminal activity of employees and contractors

We understand the responsibilities you shoulder every day

You’re continuously concerned about possible insider threats. The theft of intellectual property. Fraud. Embezzlement. Workplace violence. The source of any of these might be an employee, group of employees, contractor, or vendor partner. You’ve learned that inside criminal activity largely goes undetected—and worry that is making your organization, employees, and customers highly vulnerable.

Currently, you have no way to monitor employees for criminal activity once they’ve been hired. Same goes for contractors and vendors providing products or services to your enterprise. You’re shouldering big responsibilities for insider threats that demand your time and energy—and you don’t have a program in place to mitigate threat.

Imagine if your day could look more like this

Your staff and customers or clients have peace of mind from knowing that a viable insider risk program is in place for your organization. You know that if an employee, contractor, or vendor partner is ever incarcerated, you will automatically be notified in as little as an hour. By being better informed, you’re ready to take action in the event that criminal activity could put your company at risk—from fraud to violence in your workplace.

With a proven solution for monitoring insider risk, you’re receiving data from the largest incarceration database in the U.S. That solution is utilizing data matching that includes date of birth and Social Security numbers, so you have high confidence in the accuracy of the information you’re receiving.

Knowing the reputation of your enterprise is safeguarded, you’re able to focus on activities that can contribute to the success of your organization.

Mitigating insider risk like no other solution can

A recent study of 400,000 employees found that, statistically nearly 12% of the workforce was likely to be incarcerated within the next five years. Those arrests could cover a wide spectrum from embezzlement, fraud, and vandalism, to DUI’s, sexual assault, and possession of controlled substances. Every organization can benefit from the insider risk mitigation—and peace of mind—that Appriss’ Risk Intelligence solution can provide.

With data covering incarcerations from over 2,000 jails and DOC facilities you can be assured that you will receive notifications that cover the vast majority of U.S. incarcerations. Every month, over 1 million new records are added to the Risk Intelligence database of 140+ million booking records. No other solution is able to  keep you more informed of criminal activity at a national level.

Here to help you be well informed and well prepared

We built our reputation at Appriss Safety on “Knowledge for good.” With Risk Intelligence, you’ve got the most robust crime monitoring data solution for safeguarding your organization against insider threats.

Risk Intelligence provides you with a reliable way to continuously monitor criminal activity that could impact your enterprise. It is an essential solution for protecting your organization from fraud and embezzlement and keeping your employees safe in the workplace.

case studies

Examples of insider threats


A Naval yard employee, Aaron Alexis, continued to maintain his security clearance, despite multiple bookings into custody. None of the bookings led to prosecution. Alexis subsequently murdered 12 people and injured three others in a mass shooting on September 16, 2013 at the headquarters of the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) inside the Washington Navy Yard in Southeast Washington, D.C.


A computer networking firm provided services for two major semiconductor customers. After one of the networking firm’s employees was hired by one of these semiconductor firms, he downloaded nearly 80 proprietary documents from his new employer’s competitor. He was only caught when he started emailing the documents to new co-workers and one of them informed the authorities.


The Queens, N.Y., District Attorney charged two employees of Jamaica Hospital Medical Center with illegally accessing emergency room patient medical records and personal identification information, as well as selling that data to individuals who falsely represented themselves to patients as being associated with hospital, soliciting services such as outpatient care, transportation, and legal assistance—sometimes while patients were still in the ER.

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