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Child Support Enforcement

Data-Driven Strategies for Child Support Collections

Investigate, Locate, and Monitor Non-Custodial Parents

As a Child Support Enforcement professional, you are challenged with establishing paternity, enforcing child support orders, monitoring cases for timely payment, and calculating child support obligations.

Your agency may lack the resources, tools and data needed to quickly locate non-custodial parents, especially when they become incarcerated.

Appriss Insights helps child support agencies address challenges, such as parental incarceration, modification of support obligations, and addressing uncollectible debt.

The Changing Face of Child Support

Enacted in 1975, the Child Support Enforcement (CSE) Program faces new realities that challenge the success of this essential program:

Changing family dynamics

Incarceration rates have skyrocketed by more than 500% since 1975. Unwed births accounted for 10% of all births in 1975− they account for 40% today. Unmarried parents are more likely to be young, suffer from mental illness, be chemically dependent, and/or incarcerated.

Modification of obligations

Legislators and agencies are re-thinking the way child support obligations are established. Unrealistic payment expectations, especially in the case of incarcerated parents, are counterproductive. These individuals have little earning potential while incarcerated and find it difficult to secure gainful employment post-release.

Child support debt is growing

Nationally, over 220,000 inmates owe child support. On average, an incarcerated parent with a child support order leaves prison with roughly $20,000 in debt—with no means to pay upon release. Reducing the amount of uncollectible debt increases the likelihood of future payments.

The Appriss Incarceration Intelligence Solution

Appriss Insights is a leading data integration company that operates the nation’s most comprehensive and current incarceration data network, with direct jail management system interfaces to over 2,000 jails and DOC facilities.

Collaborating with child support agencies across the country, we have identified a critical need for access to real-time incarceration data to successfully locate and monitor NCPs who are in the various stages of incarceration.

Appriss’ Incarceration Intelligence solution gives agencies access to accurate, timely data that allows agencies to locate and monitor NCPs, with the end goal of increasing child support payments.

Agencies are able to place “watches” on their NCP lists, and receive alerts when a monitored NCP is:

  • Booked into custody
  • Released from custody
  • Incarcerated for a certain “length of stay”

Benefits of Incarceration Intelligence for Child Support Agencies

As the developer of the nation’s most comprehensive incarceration database, and as a tech industry leader with expertise in data integration, Appriss’ value proposition is two-fold: we offer child support agencies access to real-time, nation-wide incarceration data and a team of experts to implement and support it.

With our breadth of data and technical expertise, child support agencies can address many of the challenges that coincide with incarcerated NCPs through real-time alerts, such as:

Locating Non-Custodial Parents

  • Establishing paternity
  • Serving papers
  • Garnishing monies

Modifying Support Obligations

  • Adjusting obligations for incarcerated NCPs
  • Reducing the amount of uncollectible debt
  • Increasing the likelihood of future payments

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Child Support Agency Leverages Real-Time Data to Strengthen Key Performance Metrics

Appriss Insights teams partnered with Kentucky CSE to define the criteria and scope of services necessary to effectively locate and monitor NCPs moving in and out of the prison system. Appriss modelled the process, provided training, and recommended best practices for the most effective utilization of the solution. The program launched with approximately 10 Kentucky users within CSE’s parent locate section; within one year, the program has expanded to nearly 400 users, with managers in each regional office providing access for their staff.

“The Appriss Insights Incarceration Intelligence Solution is the most valuable tool in our child support enforcement arsenal.”

Jacob van der Oort
Kentucky Division of Child Support


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