Background Screening Companies

Helping your customers monitor criminal activity to reduce workforce risk.

Background Screening Companies

We understand workforce risk

Your customers trust in you to provide them with the most timely, accurate information to protect them from employee-based risk. While important, a pre-hire background check is a snapshot in time. To truly protect its business, reputation, customers, and workforce, an employer must monitor employee risk, in real time, throughout employment.

12% of a given workforce is likely to be incarcerated within the next five years.

Give your customers access to the industry’s leading set of timely criminal data from across the justice process. Our premier suite of wholesale data solutions enhances pre-hire background checks and continuously monitors risky behavior post-hire, giving employers the peace of mind that comes from a proven, reliable data and analytic solution for insider risk mitigation.



An essential solution for helping customers mitigate insider risk

Appriss Insights is the leading provider of data to the CRA market. We equip background screeners with the knowledge they need to help organizations more effectively mitigate fraud and risk in our workplaces and communities through our Risk Intelligence solutions.

With our comprehensive data and analytic expertise, Appriss Insights has earned a national reputation for the breadth and reliability of solutions that instill in employers a greater sense of security, so they can focus on key business initiatives.

Employee Risk

The Risk Intelligence suite of solutions offers your customers access to a broad range of proprietary pre-hire and post-hire data and services:

  • National criminal file
  • Historical incarceration data
  • Social security trace
  • County court research
  • Medical sanctions and exclusions
  • Post-hire continuous monitoring

No other data provider in the marketplace can keep your customers better informed regarding employee-based risk than Appriss Insights.

Risk Intelligence reduces workforce risk by alerting employers to early indicators of fraud, theft, and violence throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

Our pre-hire solutions enhance the quality and effectiveness of background checks, while our post-hire monitoring solutions provide real-time alerts for new incarceration, conviction, and sanction-related events.



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