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VINE Courts

Get notified quickly when an offender’s court status changes.

For victims, knowledge is power.

When a victim of domestic violence or abuse sees the offender booked into jail and charged, they often feel a sense a relief. That relief can sometimes turn to renewed fear when that offender is scheduled for their day in court. Will they be convicted? Will I be safe? Will justice be done? These questions weigh heavily on the minds of victims, but sometimes basic logistical questions weigh heavily as well.

VINE Courts, built into the platform, provides victims peace of mind by streamlining a victim’s understanding of upcoming court proceedings. Victims receive 24/7/365 access to the most up-to-date information about upcoming hearing times, locations, court information, and more, allowing them to focus less on logistics and more on healing.

Reduce costs related to Failure to Appear.

When a defendant does not appear in court, it costs both money and time. The average cost of a single Failure to Appear (FTA) is $1,400, but FTAs also waste the time of court personnel, victims, attorneys, witnesses, and others. VINE Courts can save judicial systems more than 25% in FTA-related costs while providing victims increased peace of mind during a stressful time.

The VINE Courts Difference

24/7/365 web access to case status, hearing dates, and location information

Automated notifications for upcoming hearings, date and location changes, postponements, cancellations, and other critical events

Automated letter generation, as well as electronic subpoena issuance

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