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A next-generation address history search

Cast a wider net 

Built to expand the scope of applicant address history, TraceSmart powers more thorough investigations with greater efficiency. 

Find more jurisdictions associated with an individual

TraceSmart leverages an expanded list of proprietary data sources with our matching algorithm to reveal a more comprehensive list of counties where an individual has lived, worked, or spent meaningful time.

Uncover unique, highly relevant aliases

Get more value out of your address history searches. In addition to uncovering maiden names and nicknames, TraceSmart reveals other available aliases associated with historical criminal activity.

Proven results

TraceSmart has been tested by large, medium, and small CRAs on live data. Here’s what the tests show:

More Aliases

CRAs using TraceSmart Premium have seen up to a 6% increase in unique alias results per search, when compared to their existing solution.

More Jurisdictions

Premium searches can result in 30% more high-confidence jurisdiction matches on individuals, compared to traditional address history or social trace searches.

A next-generation address history trace

TraceSmart is an address history search that uncovers an individual’s alias names and points CRAs toward jurisdictions where they may have lived, worked, or spent meaningful time. The solution leverages a network of proprietary data sources to produce a comprehensive list of jurisdictions that may warrant further investigation.

TraceSmart is available in two levels: standard and premium.

TraceSmart Standard
TraceSmart Premium 

Core data set of billions of records across hundreds of sources

Up to 30 years of address history

Streamlined search engine powered by proprietary matching algorithm

New records continuously added

Integrated premium data set that produces more high-confidence jurisdiction matches  

Alias boost that finds aliases associated with criminal activity 

Get up and running quickly

Appriss Insights can directly integrate TraceSmart with your proprietary product platform. We are also in the process of integrating with the leading background screening software platform providers. Reach out to us for an estimated timeline on integration with your platform. The first platform integrations are expected to go live this year.






Epic Concepts



Better Together

TraceSmart can be combined with our national-criminal search, CrimSmart, to create a comprehensive name and jurisdiction development solution that surpasses a typical nat crim alias search. The combined solution is built on a machine learning model that produces high-confidence tips and leads and outperforms an a la carte pointer workflow. 

Schedule your test today

Ready to see if CrimSmart can drive efficiencies for your background screening workflow?   An account manager can give you an overview of the process for a test of CrimSmart using your live data.  

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