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Solutions Overview

Appriss Safety Solutions

Appriss Safety solutions are powered by the Appriss Insights Platform, the nation’s most comprehensive source of person-based incarceration, justice, and risk intelligence data.

Our solutions deliver real-time notifications, context-sensitive risk assessments, and actionable insights, enabling government agencies and commercial enterprises to save lives, fight crime, prevent fraud, and manage risk.

Justice Intelligence is an integrated solution that provides access to up-to-date incarceration data from thousands of government agencies across the country. Law enforcement use Justice Intelligence to locate, monitor, and apprehend missing or wanted persons.

VINE is America’s leading victim notification network, empowering victims and concerned citizens with timely and reliable information regarding offenders. Offering peace of mind, the VINE service lets victims call a toll-free number, visit, or use the VINEmobile™ app to anonymously check on an offender’s custody status.

Appriss’ Risk Intelligence solution helps corporate entities enhance pre-hire background checks and minimize insider threats through continuous, post-hire employee monitoring.


Appriss’ Incarceration Intelligence solution helps Entitlement Agencies prevent, detect, and recover fraudulent benefit payments for Medicaid, unemployment, and SNAP/TANF programs, as well as locate and monitor non-custodial parents in order to establish, modify, and collect on outstanding child support orders.

MobilePatrol is a free app that connects communities to important safety information, news, and critical alerts. Law enforcement agencies use MobilePatrol to rapidly and conveniently communicate vital public safety information.

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