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RiskCheckNow prevents, detects and recovers fraudulent payments for Medicaid, unemployment and entitlement programs.

RiskCheckNow has been rebranded as Risk Intelligence.

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Stop Cutting Checks to Ineligible Recipients

Billions of dollars in fraudulent entitlement benefits are paid out each year by state and federal agencies. Fast and accurate access to incarceration data can help your agency stay ahead of potential fraud and comply with state and federal laws. Incarceration impacts eligibility with nearly all public benefit programs.

RiskCheckNow provides access to the largest jail booking database in the country to help you stop entitlement fraud before it happens.

The RiskCheckNow solution can be customized and configured for your state’s benefit eligibility criteria. RiskCheckNow works by matching against your benefit recipient data to let you know if a person has been incarcerated or is currently incarcerated, so that your agency can review whether the individual qualifies for payment. It will also continually monitor payment recipients and send an alert if a recipient has been booked into jail.

Learn how RiskCheckNow can help your agency fight fraudulent claims and save taxpayer dollars.

Mitigate Insider Risk with Enhanced Background Checks

A recent study of over 400,000 employees found that about 12% of the workforce is likely to get arrested in the next five years. How does this figure translate to risk for your business?

A substantial amount of people-based risk goes unnoticed and unmanaged. Corporations are using RiskCheckNow to enhance background checks and find threats through continuous monitoring and alerts. RiskCheckNow’s proprietary, nationwide arrest data identifies criminal convictions that would otherwise go undetected using traditional address history and National Criminal Database searches.

Think conviction data is enough? Think again. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, two-thirds of all felony arrests are pending disposition six months later, and a third are still pending after twelve months. This delay leaves businesses wide open to risk for months, if not years. Insider threat risks can be catastrophic to your business. They can result in loss of profitability, reputation, loyalty, and the safety of both customers and employees.

RiskCheckNow helps companies offer the most comprehensive background checks and ongoing employee risk assessment available in the market.

RiskCheckNow’s Powerful Incarceration Database

Our incarceration database is unmatched in coverage. Query over 2,000 criminal justice databases at once across the nation.


RiskCheckNow provides access to over 100 million arrest bookings and incarcerations in the U.S., thanks to Appriss’s direct connections to over 2,000 State and County jail facilities.


RiskCheckNow provides continuous monitoring and alerts to quickly notify you when an individual is incarcerated, usually in less than 60 minutes of arrest. Arrest alerts provide the earliest indication of potential criminal risk.


14 state workforce agencies currently employ RiskCheckNow to prevent tens of millions of dollars from leaving the Unemployment Insurance trust fund. The service has also enabled the recovery of millions of dollars in overpayments.

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In early 2014, the Utah Department of Workforce Services began implementation of RiskCheckNow’s fraud prevention program. They discovered 135 overpayments and recovered over $45,000, in just three months.

Illinois Department of Employment Security

In 2012, Appriss worked with the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) to cross match unemployment benefit recipients against the incarceration records that Appriss Public Safety manages. Appriss was able to identify more than 1,100 recipients located in county jails or prison. Findings led to the identification of over $2 million in overpayments.

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services

In January 2016, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services implemented RiskCheckNow to better identify and prevent improper payments to unemployment insurance claimants. Ohio cross-checks claimants against an Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction database. RiskCheckNow’s sophisticated matching algorithms, to cross-check claimants against Appriss’s incarceration database, will further strengthen Ohio’s process for deterring and detecting improper payments.

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