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Uncover more potential criminal activity with data from exclusive jurisdictions.

Real-time incarceration insights from exclusive jurisdictions

FirstAAlert delivers unique incarceration insights powered by the nation’s most comprehensive source of incarceration records. With direct interfaces with more than 2,800 facilities covering 85% of the U.S, Appriss Insights continuously collects new booking records to provide you with the most comprehensive criminal search solution available.

FirstAAlert returns more criminal pointers from more jurisdictions. Increase the quality of your background checks with:

  • Millions of records not found in any other commercial criminal database
  • Extensive historical records, reaching back further than other datasets
  • Criminal activity updated in real-time so that yesterday’s crimes show up in today’s search
real-time incarceration insights
national criminal search

Benefits for CRAs

CRAs seeking a competitive advantage can add FirstAAlert to their national criminal search process to reduce false positives and uncover more potential criminal activities. FirstAAlert provides a significant lift in the total number of pointers relevant to the applicant, facilitating new investigative revenue opportunities. Ultimately, this means better background checks that reduce employee risk, protect consumers from victimization, and ensure safer workplaces and communities.

The FirstAAlert Difference

More Results

10-20% lift over a standard national criminal search


Powered by insights from jurisdictions not found in any other commercial criminal database


Real-time data means you’ll uncover criminal activity from as recently as yesterday


High fill rates for SSN, DLN, and full date of birth reduce false positives

Criminal records you won’t find anywhere else.

Our incarceration database is unmatched in the industry.


FirstAAlert provides access to over 160 million booking records in the U.S., with more than 10 million new records added annually


Direct connections with over 2,800 state and county jail facilities allow our dataset to be continuously updated with new arrest pointers


Incarceration coverage extends to incarceration facilities representing nearly 85% of the United States.

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