Credentialing and Compliance

Protecting healthcare organizations, their employees, and their customers.

Helping healthcare organizations maintain a high-quality workforce.

Healthcare organizations have a responsibility to ensure their workforce is competent and capable of providing high quality services without presenting high levels of risk to patients, employees, or the business. Keeping bad actors out of the healthcare system is not only necessary to improve the quality of healthcare—it is required by federal and state regulations and carries significant fines and penalties for noncompliance.
Appriss Insights provides a broad suite of solutions and services that help the healthcare industry maintain high standards of care, keep patients safe, and protect organizations from penalties and lawsuits. Our services help identify and verify:

  • Active and valid licenses or certificates to practice
  • License and certificate to write prescription
  • Instances of fraud, medical misconduct, or patient abuse
  • Disciplinary actions from state boards
  • And more!

Mitigating risk through ongoing monitoring.

A key feature of Appriss Insights’ solution for credentialing and compliance is the ability to monitor for future exclusions and disciplinary actions and regular check a provider’s credential status.

Database Solutions
Providers can be monitored in near-real time for new exclusions, sanctions, and disciplinary actions.

Licensing and Certificate Solutions
Credentials can be completed at a regular cadence (e.g., quarterly or monthly) and at the license expiration date.

Choosing the right credentialing and compliance partner matters.

We take pride in providing quality solutions and world-class customer service.

Less Noise

Deliberately constructed source lists reduce duplicates and ignore irrelevant records

Timely Turnarounds

New data is rapidly added as each primary source updates.


We can provide custom solutions outside of our standard service offerings.

Comprehensive Provider

We offer a complete package of credentialing and compliance services, including verification.

Trusted Partnership

Appriss Insights is a true wholesale provider with no competitive risk. When you succeed, we succeed.

Resources to Succeed

Our account, marketing, product, and technical teams are here to support your goals.


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