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Continuous Watch

Create safer workplaces with the leading continuous criminal monitoring solution.

True continuous monitoring starts here

Most other continuous monitoring solutions are just periodic rechecks against a database.  Appriss Insights provides a true continuous criminal monitoring solution that provides real-time insights into workforce risk, built on our proprietary, real-time incarceration data network.

Continuous Watch provides CRAs new opportunities to grow their business, while significantly reducing post-hire workforce risk for employers nationwide. CRAs who choose Continuous Watch will quickly realize the benefits of working with a trusted team and a proven product.

  • Compelling new product to offer employers looking to mitigate employee and workplace risk
  • A single platform with insights from nationwide sources, reducing the risk of undetected booking events
  • Experienced team to assist with launching the solution to your clients
Continuous Monitoring

The Continuous Watch Difference


Insights into post-hire criminal justice system events are provided in real-time


Powered by insights from jurisdictions not found in any other commercial database


High fill rates for SSN, DLN, and full date of birth reduce false positives


Alert criteria can be adjusted to meet the risk thresholds set by the employer or CRA

Flexible Implementation Options

Continuous monitoring notifications can be customized for the end-customer or the CRA provider.

  • Continuous Watch – CRA receives alerts for every booking matching the profile of a “watched” individual
  • Continuous Watch Plus – CRA receives alerts for every verified booking of a “watched” individual
  • Continuous Watch Complete – CRA receives alerts for fully adjudicated records matching the profile of the “watched” individual

Why Continuous Criminal Monitoring?

For CRAs across the country, the same undifferentiated product offerings and a saturated market are making growth difficult. At the same time, employers nationwide are looking for new ways to reduce risk among their workforce.

Continuous Watch solves these challenges by providing a new post-hire solution equally beneficial for background screeners and their customers.

New Revenue Sources

Introduce a new product category that won’t cannibalize existing product lines.

Market Differentiation

Be an industry leader by offering a new solution that enriches customer relationships.

Recurring Revenue

Subscription-based model provides greater business stability to CRAs and increases your total addressable market.


Protect employees and customers by keeping bad actors out. Continuous monitoring makes communities safer.


Uncover and mitigate financial, legal, and reputational risk by learning critical information, quickly.

Job Growth

Employers can expand the talent pipeline by reducing barriers to employment without increasing workforce risk.

Get in Touch

Continuous Watch is the only true continuous criminal monitoring solution in the industry. Reach out today if you’re interested in implementing Continuous Watch.