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Continuity of Benefits

Improve benefit administration among the justice-involved population

Improve access to benefits and reduce recidivism.

Appriss’ Incarceration Intelligence solution provides data across the incarceration lifecycle, ensuring continuity of benefits and successful post-incarceration transitions.

A 2018 study suggested that the cost of a single recidivism event is more than $150,000. Yet recidivism rates are still incredibly high; half of prisoners are re-arrested within two years of release.

Previously incarcerated individuals face many personal and institutional challenges to successfully integrate back into society. Several social service agencies play a direct role in this transition:

  • Medicaid agencies can ensure behavioral and mental health treatment plans continue uninterrupted.
  • SNAP agencies can expedite enrollment and enable immediate access to nutrition.
  • Child support agencies can reduce uncollectible debt and foster strong family relationships.

In each of these cases, access to incarceration data is key. With Incarceration Intelligence, agencies can better serve their justice-involved population without huge investments in staff, training, and new workflows.

Real-time monitoring of new incarceration activity.

Through Incarceration Intelligence, agencies are able to monitor target populations as they move in and out of incarceration. Notifications on booking prevent entitlement fraud, while notifications on release can trigger processes that help re-gain access to benefits.

The solution gives agencies access to accurate and timely data through a single information source. Automatically monitor specific populations, such as Medicaid beneficiaries, hard-to-locate non-custodial parents, and SNAP/TANF beneficiaries with a single solution.

Appriss’ incarceration database allows for alerts on the following:

Booking into an incarceration facility

Serving a certain length of stay (e.g., 6 months)

Release from an incarceration facility

Incarceration Intelligence helps social service agencies do more with less.


Reinstate benefits upon release and ensure uninterrupted physical and mental health treatment.


Expedite re-enrollment upon release, decreasing application processing time.

Child Support

Modify obligations for incarcerated non-custodial parents, reducing uncollectible debt.

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