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Solutions for Commercial Investigations

Gain access to timely, actionable criminal justice data from across the country

More effective investigations need Justice Intelligence.

Appriss Insights offers commercial investigators access to leading criminal justice data that’s timely and broad in coverage.

The core of our Justice Intelligence solution is Appriss’ nationwide, near-real time incarceration database, assembled by direct connections to 2,800 jails and DOC facilities across the country. Information sharing is fast and easy, so you can carry out your investigative duties more efficiently. Appriss also manages a criminal record database compiled from tens of millions of court records; probation and parole records; and sex offender data.

Commercial investigation teams across industries see the value in adding criminal justice data to their available resources:

  • Anti-money laundering teams can improve their network analysis efforts by uncovering relationships between criminal associates.
  • Legal research professionals can use incarceration history to confirm when and where a person of interest was incarcerated.
    Insurance fraud investigators can identify patterns of risky behavior and verify criminal justice-related claims.
  • Corporate security teams can receive alerts when a person of interest is released from jail.

Real-time monitoring of new criminal justice activity.

A key feature of Appriss Insights’ solution for commercial investigators is the ability to set up watches on persons of interest and receive alerts on new criminal justice records.

Appriss’ incarceration database allows for alerts on the following:

Booking into an incarceration facility

Serving a certain length of stay (e.g., 6 months)

Release from an incarceration facility

The Justice Intelligence Difference


Data refreshes every hour to ensure you have the most up-to-date information available for your investigation.


Records are rich with personal identifiers, preventing irrelevant alerts and investigative dead-ends.


Powered by insights from jurisdictions not found in any other commercial criminal database


We manage the collection and normalization of data straight from the source agency or jurisdiction.

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