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Bankruptcy, Liens, and Judgments (BLJ)

Locate important civil records not available on credit reports.

Supplement credit checks with additional civil records.

For background screeners looking to provide a more complete picture of a person’s risk profile, criminal justice data alone may not be sufficient. As a supplement to a credit check, civil court records can provide a meaningful picture of a person’s financial risk.

Traditionally, credit reports included information on civil court proceedings related to a person’s financial history. However, in 2018, the three national credit reporting companies eliminated many of these records from credit reports. 98% of civil judgments and 50% of tax liens were immediately unavailable to screeners. This means background and tenant screeners need a supplemental source for this valuable data.

Appriss Insights’ Bankruptcy, Liens, and Judgments (BLJ) provides access to timely civil records for tenant and background screening companies looking to provide new services and data points to their clients. Our service includes more than 100 million civil records, including:

  • Tax Liens
  • Bank Liens
  • Civil judgments
  • Bankruptcies
  • and more!

The BLJ Difference

Unique Data

Contains records not found on traditional credit checks


Data is constantly update; return bankruptcies filed as recently as yesterday.


True wholesale provider; no competitive risk


More than 100 million civil records across federal, state, and local jurisdictions

Reducing risk for landlords, housing authorities, and financial service companies.

Bankruptcy, Liens, and Judgments aren’t used in every background check, but can provide an effective risk indicator in targeted applications. Appriss Insights’ channel partners use BLJ data in two primary ways:

  • Tenant screening – to identify applicants with a history of bankruptcy or court-ordered judgments
  • Financial service background screening – to vet candidates with access to critically sensitive data and high-value monetary assets.

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