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Search a single, comprehensive source of eviction records.

Help your customers find the right tenants, faster.

Tenant screeners should rely on eviction records to improve the thoroughness of their services. While credit checks and criminal background checks are normal in the resident screening workflow, evictions are unlikely to show up in either step. The number of civil records on credit reports dropped significantly in 2018. Criminal background checks would only show an eviction if there was a criminal charge associated with the eviction. This means tenant screeners looking to access eviction records need a supplemental source for this valuable data.

AssuredTenant provides access to a nationwide database of civil eviction records. Our solution provides a comprehensive look at an individual’s historical residential leasing behavior, including the following record types:

  • Nonpayment of rent
  • Property damage claims
  • Unlawful detainers
  • Writs of possession
  • Monetary judgment
  • Illegal activity

Appriss Insights helps tenant screening companies access timely, actionable eviction data so that the right tenants can be vetted, approved, and moved in quicker.

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The AssuredTenant Difference

Reduced False Positives

Searches leverage a comprehensive address history database to improve accuracy


True wholesale provider; no competitive risk


More than 35 million duplicate-free eviction records from jurisdictions nationwide

Single source

Consolidate vendors and choose a single source for eviction records

employee threat

Improving accuracy through smarter eviction record matching.

AssuredTenant leverages our industry-leading address history file, FACT, to ensure accuracy in returned records.

Civil records rarely contain identifying information beyond the tenant’s name. But names alone are inadequate in providing eviction records that match the applicant. AssuredTenant reduces false positives by comparing the name and address on the eviction record to our billions-large database of residential address history.

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