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ArrestWatch is an integrated justice solution that provides real-time incarceration status from thousands of law enforcement agencies across the country.

ArrestWatch has been rebranded as Justice Intelligence.

Please visit the Justice Intelligence page to learn more about Appriss Safety investigative solutions for law enforcement.

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Monitor Populations of Interest with ArrestWatch

Law enforcement can now systematically watch persons of interest in their jurisdictions for nationwide incarcerations. ArrestWatch enables efficient monitoring of target populations for current arrests by leveraging Appriss Public Safety’s real-time incarceration database, which is connected with nearly 85% of the nation’s jails.

ArrestWatch is completely configurable allowing users to monitor target populations, such as:

  • Active Warrants
  • Active Probation
  • Persons of Interest in an Active Investigation
  • Diversion Program Participants
  • Gangs
  • Municipal Court Warrants
  • License to Carry Firearms
  • Restitution Obligators
  • Government Personnel

Leverage the power of ArrestWatch to free up resources and automate the process of monitoring large groups of individuals for arrest activity.

ArrestWatch Features

ArrestWatch offers powerful features which enable a proactive approach to law enforcement


Query over 2,900 criminal justice databases across the country for arrest and release information.


Receive automatic alerts and notifications when a person of interest is booked into jail.


Search for photos, employer information, and address at time of booking. Incarceration date, release date, facility name and contact info are also provided.


Research in real time. ArrestWatch syncs your watch lists automatically with live jail management data systems.

How ArrestWatch Works

ArrestWatch relies on watch lists to work its magic. Watch lists can be delivered to ArrestWatch by three methods: web portal, batch or direct. Our team works with customers to recommend and set up the most appropriate delivery method.


Watch list data transfer can be set up through a secure Internet connection.


ArrestWatch allows agencies to upload comma delimited files containing names of individuals and personal identification info.


Agencies can set up a direct interface by which data can be imported via XML format, allowing query, watch, and export capability.

Use Case: Non-Custodial Parents

Child support specialists use ArrestWatch to locate non-custodial parents to collect child support payments

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, of the 13.7 million custodial parents in the United States, less than half receive the child support that is due to them. More than $33 billion in child support is owed each year.

Child support specialists work hard to find non-custodial parents, but their searches can often lead to a dead end. That’s when the search should focus on jails and prisons, and where ArrestWatch comes in.

“For hard-to-collect and off the grid non-custodial parents, ArrestWatch is the best tool at our disposal. Through the WATCH feature we often get e-mail notification within 90 minutes of a parent being booked into jail. With that notification we serve documents, take DNA, or empty the wallet or purse of non-custodial parents. We also have access to mug shots and addresses for the parents. I highly recommend ArrestWatch for the collection of child support.”

Chuck Donnelly, Special Collections Program Manager
Washington Department of Social & Health Services, Child Support Division

Use Case: Unemployment Insurance Payments

Entitlement program managers use ArrestWatch to stop improper unemployment insurance payments to inmates

In fiscal year 2013, the U.S. Department of Labor reported that states recorded some $7.7 billion in improper unemployment insurance payments. ArrestWatch provides real-time data to transition your agency from pay and chase to pay accurately by promptly detecting and preventing overpayments to ineligible claimants.


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