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Advanced Criminal Extraction

Improve efficiency with automated court record retrieval

Streamline your court research with automated record retrieval.

Background screeners looking to succeed in a competitive market need the right mix of human expertise, automation, and technology to deliver value to their clients. When it comes to court research, the county criminal search remains the hallmark of a high-quality background check. But automated record retrieval is an essential step to speed up turnaround time on clears and to make more informed county crim orders.

Advanced Criminal Extraction (ACE) improves operational efficiency by extracting real-time records directly from the court-authorized source. ACE offers flexible filters that empower you to meet and exceed client-specific guidelines and differing regulatory environments. Full data extraction means all available case details are pulled directly into your system for easier review.

In short, ACE automates the most time-consuming element of court research, cutting down on turnaround time and expenses without robbing you of control.

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The ACE Difference


Improve turnaround time and help your clients hire the right people, quicker


True wholesale provider; no competitive risk


More than 1,000 total sources across 24 states


Specify the exact degree of precision desired with custom filters

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Complete court research services from a trusted wholesale partner.

The key to efficient, accurate court research is the combination of automated court record retrieval with a human-led county criminal search vendor. Appriss Insights’ ExpertCourt solution complements ACE searches by following up on hits, adding manual quality assurance, and providing research where ACE is not available. Combining ACE and ExpertCourt together can drive down costs and help you consolidate vendors.

ACE retrieval is available in 24 states, and ExpertCourt services are available nationwide.

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