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Press Release

September 8th 2021

Appriss Insights Introduces Latest Background Screening Solutions CrimSmart and TraceSmart

These products target the gaps and inefficiencies in traditional solutions and provide a more accurate and useful solution for CRAs

Appriss Insights, a leading technology, data and analytics provider, releases two new products, CrimSmart and TraceSmart, which are built to help credit reporting agencies (CRAs) tackle long-standing challenges of false positives, coverage gaps, and outdated address history data.

CrimSmart and TraceSmart will reshape how the background screening industry looks at national-criminal and address history data,” said Errol Apostolopoulos, Vice President of Product at Appriss Insights. “After far too little innovation in these important product categories over the last 15 years, we’re excited to bring these meaningful next-generation offerings to market.”

CrimSmart is a national criminal search that helps CRAs find potential criminal records for consideration and verification within their background screening process. The solution leverages a new matching algorithm to fuse multiple proprietary data assets, boosting coverage and minimizing costly false positives. CRAs engaged in early testing with CrimSmart have identified up to 13% more high-confidence records per search than their existing solution, without adjusting their data filters or matching criteria.

TraceSmart is an address history search (or, “social security trace”) that points CRAs towards an individual’s aliases and counties where they may have lived, worked or spent meaningful time.  Unlike existing solutions, TraceSmart leverages criminal data alongside traditional credit header data. This new approach allows CRAs to uncover criminal aliases and more high-confidence jurisdiction matches where an individual is most likely to have committed a crime.

Early customers of TraceSmart have reported up to 6% more aliases and up to 30% more high-confidence jurisdiction matches per search compared to their existing solution.

Each product is a standalone solution that can be utilized by CRAs to fine-tune the background screening process, but they are most effective when implemented as a bundled pair that forms a comprehensive name and jurisdiction development solution.

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