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Press Release

June 15th 2020

Appriss Unveils Updates to VINE Service

In an effort to make its flagship Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE®) service even more intuitive and easy to use, Appriss recently unveiled a brand new design for VINE that includes both an updated layout and improved features. The result of a year-long initiative based on the information received from user surveys and feedback, the enhancements underscore a more personalized experience for everyone who uses VINE.

Michael Davis, co-founder and CEO of Appriss, shared, “VINE is not only the nation’s leading victim notification network, but also a resource that allows survivors, victims of crime, and other concerned citizens to get the information they need about offenders or criminal cases. The Appriss team has worked diligently to improve our service while maintaining a victim-centered, trauma-informed approach to what we provide.”

The redesign includes significant updates to, VINE’s national landing page. For those already familiar with VINE, the most noticeable update is the new color scheme and layout. At the same time, first-time visitors gain the ability to find easy access to information about the registration process as well as what VINE is and how it works, complete with testimonials. There is now a section about service provider information that includes resources and ways to get help locally or nationally with everything from basic needs and finances to counseling and healthcare. If at any time a user needs to leave VINE, the Quick Exit feature will close out VINELink and take them immediately to the Google homepage.

For states with the most recent version of VINE, the redesign introduces at-a-glance agency status that tells users when agencies are on or offline, state-specific links, news and downloads, and 24/7 customer support in over 200 languages. As part of that more personalized experience, the state page navigation makes it possible to identify what is needed faster than before.  Ultimately, many people who use VINE are coming to the site in times of high stress. The new design focuses on providing a calming experience so that they feel empowered to easily locate information, take action, and find peace of mind.

Davis concluded: “Appriss understands that people who use VINE often come to the site during times of stress. Through this redesign, we hope to empower everyone to find information easily, take action, and ultimately, find peace of mind.”

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