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Press Release

June 30th 2016

Appriss Joins White House’s Data-Driven Justice Initiative, Releases Important Study on Potential to Divert Low-Risk Individuals

Appriss, a leading data and analytics company, is proud to participate in the White House Data-Driven Justice Initiative by releasing a national study of incarceration data, and is actively committing to help local communities through further research and new data-driven software solutions.


Louisville, KY – Today, the Obama Administration announced a new Data-Driven Justice initiative, designed to divert low-level offenders with mental illness out of the criminal-justice system and to change approaches to pre-trial incarceration so that low-risk offenders no longer stay in jail simply because they cannot afford a bond.

Many jurisdictions are struggling with the costs and resources required to manage individuals whose complex physical, behavioral, and social needs are not well met through the current criminal justice and fragmented health care systems. As a result, these individuals often bounce from county jails, emergency rooms, inpatient programs, and institutions — all costly, chaotic, and ineffective ways to provide care and improve patient outcomes. Many of the individuals in this population are homeless, suffer from addiction, or have other mental health conditions.

Joining a national bipartisan coalition of companies, non-profits, and sixty-seven cities, counties, and state governments, Appriss today released its consolidated results of its new national study, the Data Driven Justice Incarceration Report. Analyzing the Appriss national database of near real-time incarceration information, the study highlights important national trends that can help local jurisdictions identify potential high utilizers of the criminal justice system. Specifically, the study documents how the frequency of incarceration for crimes associated with addiction and mental health can help identify low-risk individuals.

To help local jurisdictions with this important issue, Appriss intends to develop new data-driven software solutions that will aim to systematically identify and divert individuals who meet data-validated criteria as high utilizers of multiple systems—with the goal of diverting low risk individuals with addiction and behavioral health issues away from the justice system to recovery programs.

“Appriss is excited to join with the White House and our local, state, and federal government partners to develop data-driven strategies to responsibly divert low-risk individuals,” said Mike Davis, CEO of Appriss. “We are committed to bringing our analytical capabilities and innovative solutions to help responsibly reduce jail populations, strengthen families, and keep surrounding communities safe and informed.”

Read the Data Driven Justice Incarceration Report

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