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Press Release

February 17th 2021

Appriss Insights launches CDaaS and Synaptec™ to improve court research operations in the background screening industry

A new set of court research products will improve public record retrieval and operational efficiency, underscoring Appriss Insights’ prominence as a provider of timely public records research to CRAs

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Feb. 17, 2021 – Appriss Insights, a leading provider of data analytics solutions, today introduced two solutions designed to improve court research retrieval, validation and operations processes for the background screening industry.

CDaaS (Court Data as a Service) improves court research operational efficiency, while Synaptec™ provides optimized, real-time public records retrieval through robotic process automation (RPA) technology. CDaaS and Synaptec provide automated public record research processes combined with court research experts and quality control professionals to deliver improved operational efficiency.

Crucial and timely court research data – retrieved through customizable automation and validated by a knowledgeable and experienced team of researchers – allows CRAs to get the information they need through standard or enhanced service levels. CDaaS and Synaptec go beyond court record retrieval to support CRAs, providing a trusted partnership by leveraging on-site researchers trained to look for information beyond a simple name match and in-house quality control professionals to help validate that information. These formalized protocols help deliver high-quality results for CRAs.

Through its large research and quality control team, combined with a network of on-the-ground court runners, CDaaS provides an unmatched combination of automation, flexibility and scale. This service is structured to give CRAs a platform to grow their business without sacrificing quality or efficiency in their operations. By outsourcing manual processes to an expert team knowledgeable in jurisdictions served and trained to sift through court data, CRAs can improve their margins and make their operations more cost-effective and efficient.

Synaptec delivers public record retrieval through robotic process automation (RPA) technology that collects court data in real-time directly from the court-authorized source, leading to improved quality and a reduced turnaround time. Synaptec also leverages sophisticated search patterns and custom filtering to minimize false positives and locate records instantly from more than 3,700 fully automated court sites.

This suite of solutions, formerly offered under the Securitec Screening Solutions brand, is now part of Appriss Insights’ multi-industry solutions for managing people-based risk.

“We’re excited to offer a solution that helps CRAs extract accurate court research information through automation and improve operational efficiency through expert court researchers – ensuring they can get the court data they want when they want it,” said Chad Lafon, Strategic Market Development Leader at Appriss Insights. “CDaaS and Synaptec provide a suite of customizable court research services that can meet each CRA’s specific needs, helping to drive accuracy, efficiency, and cost-savings.”

An overview of the Court Research solutions CDaaS and Synaptec will be offered in a free webinar on Tuesday, March 2, 2021, at 2 p.m. EST. Registration for the webinar is available here.


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