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Press Release

November 10th 2020

Appriss Insights delivers crucial risk-related information to the healthcare industry with ProviderSafe 

New, comprehensive set of wholesale credentialing and compliance solutions offers efficiency, timeliness, and accuracy 

Appriss Insights, a leading technology, data and analytics provider, today introduced ProviderSafe™, a new set of wholesale solutions designed to streamline credentialing, and compliance in the healthcare industryHealthcare organizations must stay in compliance with state and federal laws of regulation by ensuring the providers they hire are credentialed and eligible for participation in federally funded healthcare services.  

ProviderSafe delivers healthcare sanctions, exclusions, and disciplinary actions data, alongside direct-from-the-source license and certificate checks to organizations including healthcare screeners, credentials verification organizations (CVOs), and compliance companies. Crucial risk-related information made available through ProviderSafe helps healthcare organizations ensure quality care, protect institutional reputation, and maintain compliance. 

Through its innovative data collection processes, state-of-the-art algorithms, and integrations, ProviderSafe provides fast and accurate data and reduces duplicates and non-actionable records significantly decreasing turnaround time and dead-end verifications.  

The complete package of industry-specific screening tools and services built into ProviderSafe includes: 

  • Sanctions, exclusions, and disciplinary actions: Database products help healthcare organizations uncover previous or new records which preclude an employee’s participation in federally funded health programs or generally present a level of risk to patients, coworkers, or the business.  
  • Verification services: All potential hits uncovered from a sanctions, exclusions, or disciplinary actions search must pass an additional verification step.  
  • Licensing and certificates: To ensure providers have current and valid credentials to practice, ProviderSafe perform verificationsdirectly at the primary source.   
  • Monitoring: All ProviderSafe solutions are available as part of an ongoing monitoring service, providing proactive updates on new sanctions or changes to a provider’s license status.  

The ProviderSafe suite of solutions, formerly offered under the Typhoon Data brand, are now part of Appriss Insights’ multi-industry solutions for managing people-based riskTyphoon Data has received certification from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for the following credentials verification services: License to Practice, DEA Registration, Medical Board Sanctions, Medicare/Medicaid Sanctions, and Ongoing Monitoring.  

We’re excited to offer a solution that will help ensure that the healthcare industry — more than 14% of our nation’s workforce — is staffed with qualified professionals,” said Questin Francis, Vice President of Healthcare Solutions with Appriss InsightsProviderSafe will further Appriss’ mission of ‘knowledge for good’ in new and important ways.”  

An overview of the ProviderSafe solutions will be offered in a free webinar on Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2020 at 2 p.m. ESTPlease click here to register.  

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