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CRAs are experts at selling pre-hire background checks. They know the target personas, motivating messages, and common objections from customers and prospects alike.

The explosive growth of post-hire continuous criminal monitoring presents new challenges for CRAs looking to stay ahead.

The sales motion for continuous monitoring is notably different from a standard background check page. New departments at target employers are involved in decision making. Pricing models are different. Effective persuasion points could be very different from one employer to the next. This webinar provides tactical guidance to CRAs exploring or implementing continuous monitoring solutions as part of their product suite.

Attendees will learn:

  • The additional organizational departments involved in the decision making process (and how to cater your message to each)
  • The differences in pricing and selling a subscription-based product
  • Tips for crafting a go-to-market strategy Additionally, all attendees will receive a Continuous Monitoring Campaign Launch Toolkit following the webinar.