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Unemployment Insurance (UI) professionals have a mandate to strengthen program integrity, eliminate improper payments and increase agency efficiencies. State overpayment rates currently range from 9.9 to 48 percent and fraud rates run from 2.1 to 7.4 percent. A significant portion of inappropriate payments stems from incarcerated individuals in local, state, federal and tribal jails and prisons. In FY 2016/2017, over $30 billion in UI was paid out. Of that, approximately $3.6 billion has been identified as improper payments, with an estimated $205 million specifically paid to those who were not “able and available” to work, due to incarceration.

This 45-minute online event will cover the latest national information on UI fraud and overpayments, as well as strategies that leading states are using to correct the problems. We will discuss how you can utilize real-time incarceration data to successfully locate and monitor beneficiaries that are in the various stages of incarceration. Hear success stories from state UI agencies and an overview of Incarceration Intelligence from Appriss Safety and Fraud Detection as a Service from Pondera and how these solutions are used to prevent improper payments and combat fraud.