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Why is Recidivism so Common?

More than half of prisoners are re-arrested within two years of their initial release. Eighty percent recidivate within seven years.  Government agencies and commercial organizations play important roles in reducing recidivism, but both often lack the technology to do so effectively.

3 Opportunities to Improve National Criminal Searches

More than 96% of U.S. employers conduct these background checks today to help employers make informed hiring decisions, according to the Professional Background Screeners Association. More than 80% of those checks include a search of a national-criminal database to identify counties where criminal...

Got Incarceration Data? Evaluating the leading industry sources

Through its Incarceration, Justice, and Risk Intelligence solutions, Appriss provides access to real-time, nationwide incarceration data. Although Appriss is the most comprehensive and timely source for this type of information, other sources also offer access to incarceration data.