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Appriss Safety-Sponsored Award Honors Idaho Sheriff’s Office for 2017

Appriss Safety-Sponsored Award Honors Idaho Sheriff’s Office for 2017

NSA selects Canyon County Sheriff’s Office receives prestigious Crime Victim Services Award

The National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) named Idaho’s Canyon County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) the 2017 recipient of their Crime Victim Services Award. The annual award is sponsored by Appriss Safety and recognizes outstanding achievement by a sheriff’s office in support of victims. The CCSO, under the direction of Sheriff Kieran Donahue, has established itself as a forerunner in the field of victim assistance in the state of Idaho and beyond.

Under Sheriff Donahue’s influence, the CCSO has launched several victim-related initiatives. Notable examples include the employment of a Victim Witness Coordinator to assist and support victims throughout their recovery process; launch of the “Start by Believing” campaign, designed to promote a greater understanding of sexual assault cases and to reinforce law enforcement’s commitment to victims; and mandated strangulation identification training, teaching staff to recognize the less obvious signs of strangulation. The CCSO and many of its employees lend their time and support to several charities, non-profit organizations, and fundraising and awareness events that benefit victims in their community.

In addition to championing department-wide victim service initiatives, Sheriff Donahue has made a personal commitment to bettering the lives of domestic violence victims through the K. Donahue Foundation, or the “Man Up Crusade.” Sheriff Donahue and his wife, Jeanie, founded the Man Up Crusade ( in order to promote public awareness of domestic violence, and the effects it has on the victims, children, and society. The Man Up Crusade allies with professional rodeos (PRCA), Professional Bull Riders (PBR), and county and state fairs to bring “Purple Night” to these events across the country. Attendees are encouraged to wear purple in support of those affected by domestic violence, to create awareness, and to encourage others to help break the cycle of domestic violence.

The Crime Victim Services Award was established by the NSA in 2005, and has been sponsored by Appriss since 2008. “We are extremely proud to partner with the NSA and sponsor this distinguished award,” said Mr. Josh Bruner, President of Appriss Safety. “With a relationship spanning over two decades, we have had the opportunity to be active in various aspects of the NSA and its Domestic Violence & Crime Victim Services Committee. It is important to Appriss that we continue to foster this partnership, as we work together toward our common goal of keeping victims safe.”

On behalf of the NSA, Sheriff Kathy Witt, Chair of the Domestic Violence & Crime Victim Services Committee, thanked Appriss Safety “for its generous and continued support of this award program in recognition of law enforcement and, moreover, in acknowledgment of the need for appropriate services and resources to victims in the aftermath of a crime.”

Bruner presented the award to Sheriff Donahue at the NSA’s Annual Conference and Exhibition in Reno, NV on June 26.

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Kate Chmielewski, Communications Manager


Kate Chmielewski, Communications Manager

Kate Chmielewski is the Communications Manager at Appriss Safety and takes great pride in spreading Appriss’ mission of ‘Knowledge for Good’ to the public. Kate has spent her career-to-date in various communications-based roles in both the financial and software development spaces, sharpening this industry-transcendent skill set each step of the way. While championing Appriss Safety and narrating the power of its solutions are her primary job functions by day, Kate also enjoys spending time with her husband and their toddlers in and around the Chicagoland region.