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Make better-informed decisions for early response to people-driven risk.

Who we are

Insights, an Equifax Company, delivers breakthrough data and analytics solutions to reduce people-based risk, mitigate fraud and meet compliance mandates.

As the nation’s most comprehensive and trusted source of risk and criminal justice intelligence, we offer timely, reliable insights through vertical partners on AI-driven, SaaS-based cloud architecture.

We enable commercial enterprises and government agencies to build trust and safety while improving operational efficiencies. 

Since 1994, we have been keeping communities safe through the power of information.

Appriss Insights’ data-driven solutions are used across the United States to solve some of our toughest safety and risk management challenges.

Our solutions support the efforts of consumer reporting agencies (CRAs), government entitlement programs, law enforcement, and investigators to keep our workplaces and communities safe and informed. We’re the largest provider of risk intelligence to hundreds of CRAs. We help prevent and recover billions of losses in government fraud and improper payments. We deliver automated victim notification services to nearly 3,000 communities in 47 states and U.S. territories.

Our History

In late 1993, 20-year-old Mary Byron was raped and assaulted by her former partner who was subsequently incarcerated for these crimes. Two weeks later, unbeknownst to Mary, her assaulter posted bail, stalked, and murdered her as she sat warming up her car after work. Mary was never informed of his release. These tragic events led to the birth of VINE, Insights’ flagship product and the nation’s leading victim notification service.

Over the last two decades, Insights has continued to expand upon our mission of keeping communities safe through the power of information. The company has developed leading data solutions to address the needs of background screeners, investigators, law enforcement, victim services and government agencies.

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