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  • Make better-informed decisions for early response to people-driven risk.

    We enable government agencies and commercial enterprises to save lives, fight crime, prevent fraud and manage risk with the most comprehensive source of incarceration, justice and risk intelligence data.

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Equifax Completes Acquisition of Appriss Insights

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Who We Help

We’re partnering with public and private sector customers to provide timely, reliable data analytics that improve safety, mitigate fraud and reduce risk. We call it knowledge for good.

Background Screeners

Working with background screeners to provide more effective background checks and post-hire continuous monitoring.


Empowering organizations nationwide with products that reduce workforce risk before and after hire.

Law Enforcement

Helping law enforcement solve crimes more quickly and efficiently at a lower cost.


Bolstering commercial investigations to better identify cases of crime, fraud, and money laundering.


Improving continuity of care for justice-involved beneficiaries and helping state agencies save time and money.

Child Support

Helping child support professionals locate non-custodial parents, establish orders, and increase family cohesion.

Unemployment Insurance

Partnering with state workforce agencies to improve program integrity and reduce beneficiary fraud.

Crime Survivors

Supporting victims and survivors by providing access to critical offender information that’s reliable and timely. 

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We’re supporting efforts nationwide to prevent and intervene in criminal activities, using knowledge for good.

Entitlement Fraud and Overpayments

Supports entitlement program agencies in proactively monitoring Medicaid beneficiaries, UI claimants, non-custodial parents and SNAP/TANF recipients for incarceration activity.

Workplace Safety

Enabling organizations to mitigate insider risk by monitoring employee criminal activity, powered by the nation’s largest arrest and incarceration database.

Law Enforcement Investigations

Providing law enforcement with access to current booking and incarceration data from thousands of law enforcement agencies, across the USA, essential to locating missing or wanted persons.


America’s number one victim notification network, empowering victims and concerned citizens with timely and reliable information regarding offenders.

The Value of Incarceration Data in Continuous Monitoring

Timely incarceration alerts give employers the opportunity to identify “yellow light” events and provide counseling, training, and other forms of assistance to their employees.